100 % natural: Everything that has no parts of synthetic origin. Everything done by nature without have being changed in its molecular structure.
animal: Everything that has animal origin. Amber, Mochus, Castoreum are an animal product.
absolut: (French: absolue) Finest essence of plants, flowers or other aromatic sources. Mostly extracted with petrochemicals. Normally cleaned off. Normally very expensive.
AGRECO Witzenhausen: Officially recognized controllers for organic farming and food in the EU and it is a control service company for other items like cosmetics and perfumes.
Alcohol: Ethanol. Distilled from corn, potatoes, rice or other plants. Mostly after a fermentation process.
bees wax extract : Bees was absolue = Extract done from natural bees wax.
BioScent : organic controlled perfume collection from dupetit Natural Products GmbH, Germany.
Botanical perfume: Perfume done exclusively with plant (vegetable) ingredients.
Classical Natural Perfumes by dupetit®: First 100% natural perfumery line in Germany, stated 1994
Foin Coupeé: Traditional perfume scent direction. It means "Fine cut hew". Satori by dupetit® Natural Eau de Parfum is a Foin Coupeé
declaration of content: The producer or distributor of any cosmetic item must declare the content of the product
dupetit® : Registered trade mark of dupetit Natural Products GmbH
essential: It is said for the aromatic oils coming from plants that have being won by distillation.
EU: European Union
Extract: Concentrated stuff, normally coming from plant material (botanical origine) but there are also animal extracted stuffs.
flacons: perfume bottle
Macerates: the preparation of an extract by  material (such as animal skins or parts of fibrous plants) in water, vegetable oil or some . The word may also refer to the same process when used to produce  stock.
Manufactory: Company in which production is done by hand
natural : coming from nature. This definition is still not protected by law for cosmetics or perfumes
organic perfume: Perfume that it is done of organic controlled ingredients or mostly (after EU-Law for food: 95% must be organic and the rest may only be 100% natural. Declaration not protected by law. Organic controls may be done in the EU for cosmetics (perfumes) independently to the EU-Law but exactly after the law and, depending on the controllers; they may be hard or softer than others.
Satori by dupetit®: Foin Coupeé (Fresh cut hew) One the very first perfume compositions of the Classical Natural Perfumes by dupetit® collection from 1994
stuffs : Substances, ingredients.
Subtle: fine
synthetics : everything not coming from nature, done by man. Can be nature identical.
Vegan: people or philosophy of life that do not accept consuming or wearing animal stuffs as well as not accepting animal cruelty.


MUSK, botanical
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